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SuperTruck II: Freightliner Explores The Future of Innovation With Its Newest Prototype

In the early months of 2023, Daimler Truck North America, in collaboration with Freightliner, introduced a noteworthy prototype for innovation known as the SuperTruck II.



The SuperTruck II

In the early months of 2023, Daimler Truck North America, in collaboration with Freightliner, introduced a noteworthy prototype for innovation known as the SuperTruck II. This emergence follows the accomplishments of its predecessor, the SuperTruck I, providing significant advances to truck design and technology. With part of a series of design challenges put forth by the US Department of Energy, the SuperTruck II is a prototype result of Freightliner’s "relentless pursuit of freight efficiencies to focus on core components that are already critical to real-world savings today and will become more important tomorrow." The results in powertrain improvements, rolling resistance reduction, aerodynamics, and safety features have been enthusiastically received. Bold design decisions were taken, such as the new 48V lithium ion-based electrical system.

While the intention of the SuperTruck II is to gather new technology and design innovation for existing models, there is the possibility that it will be manufactured and distributed for consumers in the future. 

Relentless Pursuit of Freight Efficiencies

Freightliner characterizes the SuperTruck II as the result of having their engineers focus on efficiencies needed to produce top freight performers in future. Some of the notable successes they achieved over the previous model include: 

  • 12% reduction in tractor aerodynamic drag
  • 12% reduction in tractor rolling resistance
  • 5.7% reduced fuel consumption 
  • 50% more efficient AC system 

The AC system has already been recognized as a driver's favorite, operating separately from the engine via the 48V electrical system. No more idling to keep cool, or keeping the speed up just to run the compressor.


SuperTruck II Target Areas

The major areas of change put forth by Freightliner’s SuperTruck II are features that fleet managers and drivers will appreciate for better performance, safe operation and returns from smooth operating experiences.

New Adaptive Features

Using a host of sensor technology to provide safe, appropriate deployment of aerodynamic surfaces, the driver only has to watch and enjoy as the SuperTruck II reconfigures itself for speed. There's no need to anticipate and plan for best performance, just keep your eye on the road and drive.

  • Freightliner's most aerodynamic truck, designed to cut through wind tunnels.
  • Sculpted bumper, hood, windshield, and electronic mirrors, every detail that counts.
  • Automatic side extenders and roof spoiler requiring no operator intervention.
  • Automatically closes the gap between the tractor and trailer at highway speeds.
  • Dynamic ride height drops at highway speeds to decrease drag even further.
  • Significantly Lower Tire Rolling Resistance, from Extensive Research with MichelinAdaptive tandem axles automatically shift from 6x4 to 6x2, extending tire life at highway speeds.
  • Dynamic load shift causes the tag axle to handle more of a load with less rolling resistance at highway speeds.
  • Camera-based mirrors provide extended field of view and quality images even in low light, while reducing aerodynamic drag from traditional mirrors.
  • Improved thermal efficiency. The inspired combination of a Detroit 13-Liter diesel engine, two-stage turbo with intercooler, and 13-speed overdrive transmission offer more power in the ranges required by professional drivers.

Updated in Detail for Efficiency, the 13-Liter Engine

An updated Detroit 13-Liter engine is at the heart of the SuperTruck II. It's a step up from the previous model, providing a bit more power and lightening the load of hybrid technology items such as batteries.

  • A 13 liter engine with twin turbo and interstage cooling, for more efficient air compression.
  • On downhills sensors and intelligence cause the engine to automatically shut off by entering EcoSail mode, relying on 48V battery for steering and other functions.
  • Added 13th gear to lower down-speeding and increase fuel savings.

New Electrical System Components Free the Engine to Focus on Performance 

A brand new electrical system providing 48V from lithium Ion batteries along with 12V convenience power supports navigation aids and other off the shelf equipment, along with the wattage needed for equipment transitioned from engine power takeoffs to electrical. The new power system fully runs the hoteling feature without the engine running.

  • The 48 power steering system uses significantly less power by optimizing low-speed and highway-speed turning.
  • Faster, more definitive starting from the 48V starter, especially after EcoSail mode.

The Future of Freightliner 

Freightliner set out to meet a series of goals with the SuperTruck II, most of all to significantly increase the freight efficiency of the previous model without radical redesign. Additionally, in an industry where recruiting is costly and challenging, the SuperTruck II provides an incentive for talented drivers to stick around, and for new drivers to aspire to drive the best.

Peach State Truck Centers is excited and proud to be aligned with a brand that consistently works to enhance the technology and livelihood of the trucking industry. Like Freightliner, Peach State believes that thinking ahead and investing in the future is of the utmost priority. 

Contact Peach State today to learn more about our inventory, parts, and service located in Georgia and Alabama, serving nationwide. 

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