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Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2023

Truck Driver Appreciation Week, which occurs from Sept. 10-16, 2023 this year, is an annual observance honoring the hard work and dedication of truck drivers.



What is Truck Driver Appreciation Week?

Truck Driver Appreciation Week, which occurs from September 10-16, 2023 this year, is an annual observance dedicated to recognizing and honoring the vital contributions of truck drivers to our economy and daily lives. This week-long event acknowledges the hard work, dedication, and sacrifices of truck drivers who play a crucial role in transporting goods across the country, ensuring that products reach stores, businesses, and homes on time. It is also an opportunity to express gratitude for their hard work and dedication, as well as to raise awareness about the challenges they face on the road. 

American Trucking Association 

The origins of Truck Driver Appreciation Week can be traced back to the American Trucking Associations (ATA), which initiated the celebration in 1988 as a way to raise public awareness about the importance of trucking and to express gratitude towards those who keep the wheels of commerce turning. Driver retention played another large role in the creation of this celebratory week, as this has been an ongoing issue in the trucking industry for years now. 

The People Behind the Wheel

The commercial truck driver community is incredibly diverse, encompassing individuals from a wide array of backgrounds, ages, and experiences. This profession brings together people of various cultures, genders, and identities, forming a rich and dynamic tapestry on the road.

  • Approximately 57% of truck drivers are parents, balancing the demands of the road with their roles as caregivers.
  • Young adults make up about 21% of the truck driving workforce, with the minimum age to operate a truck across state lines being 21 years old.
  • Around 10% of truck drivers are veterans, double the rate of the workforce at large.
  • Based on a recent study conducted in 2023, it was discovered that 84% of all truck drivers are men, while women make up 16% of all professional truck drivers.  

Truck Driver Statistics

Let's delve into some compelling truck driver statistics that shed light on the required qualifications and pivotal role our commercial truck drivers play in our modern way of life.

  • Qualifications: Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP), Truck Driver Training School, Commercial Driving License (CDL)
  • Average Time on the Road: 40-60 hours and/or 70+ hours over an 8 day period
  • Average Days on the Road Per Year: 300
  • Average Miles Driven: 125,000 miles per year or 2,500 miles per week 
  • 3.6 million truck drivers in the US
  • More than 60% of owner-operators are away from home 151+ nights a year 
  • 73% of the country’s freight is shipped via truck
  • Truck drivers haul over $2 billion worth of freight each day  
  • 80% of the US rely exclusively on trucks to meet their freight transportation needs

Truck Driver Resources

We understand the vast number of challenges truck drivers face on the road. Long hours, isolation, time away, unpredictable weather, traffic, and tight schedules can take their toll. Below are a few resources we, here at Peach State, found to help support our customers.

How Does Peach State Support Truck Drivers?

  • Danny Elsberry (Owner, Elsberry Trucking)
    o “I made one phone call to my salesman Buddy and he got on the phone. And in just a couple of days I had people ringing my phone from Peach State Truck Center. And they went out of their way to make sure that I had what I needed. All I did was make one phone call and all of that was taken care of. I never had to make another one. So the service after the sale has been great. And I feel that in the future there will be a long, valued relationship with Peach State Truck Centers.”  
  • “Fantastic experience. The transmission on my RV went out and I needed to have it towed to Peach State. They had excellent communication through a portal where I could check status at any time.  They were prompt with repairs, and the service team was friendly and helpful. Highly recommend.” - Kelly Handerhan (Google Reviews)
  • “Well pleased, I had a great experience with the service department.  Being a single truck O/O I feel like some of these dealers forget about you but this was not the case here. Gabriella kept me informed the entire time and was easy to deal with. They did their best to expedite the repairs. Will be back for sure.” - Matt W. (Google Reviews)

In honor of Truck Driver Appreciation Week, Peach State will be handing out goody bags including snacks and drinks to all drivers as a token of our appreciation. Please stop by at any of our locations!

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