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SelecTrucks: Empowering Your Fleet with Commercial Truck Financing

Learn more about how our individualized commercial truck financing plans can optimize your fleet's finance performance.


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Tailored Financial Solutions

Here at SelecTrucks of Atlanta and SelecTrucks of Georgia, we distinguish ourselves in the trucking industry by our unparalleled and uniquely tailored financing options. With our extensive experience, we are confident in customizing financial plans catered to you and your business needs. With the nation's greatest selection of used vehicles, our fleet undergoes rigorous tests and procedures to ensure we continue to offer the highest quality of trucks on the market. In addition, our financial plans are upheld to these same standards. Whether through our individualized rates, payment terms, or flexible options, our experts will guide you throughout this process so you can feel confident about your vehicles and their financials.

Our primary financial plans fall under three categories: Owner Operator, Fleet Operator, and Vocational Equipment. 

Owner Operator

Every business owner and customer are different, from goals to business needs, and we put these needs at the forefront of our financing options. Here at SelecTrucks, we offer a comprehensive list of programs tailored to every buyer’s situation and needs. Based on your criteria, we are confident in providing you with a unique, one-of-one financing option complete with a variety of down payments, terms, and interest rates best suited to you and your vehicle. With your outright ownership, we can explore options and plans to allow you greater control over your finances, from unique tax incentives and deductions to specialized plans. Our owner-operator financing will allow you to worry less about your finances and focus more on your business and getting back on the road.  


Fleet Operator

To complement our vast selection and variety of inventory, we offer the best in-house financing options available for your business and fleet of vehicles. With every fleet comes an abundance of moving parts, services, and finances. With our financing options, you will have greater control over these expenses and the better off you and your business will be. We offer specialized competitive financing options, with unique interest rates and down payment combinations. Our streamlined purchasing process allows an easier and more efficient process for you and your business to acquire and finance multiple vehicles within your fleet. Your vehicles will be given the best service, inventory, and financing to ensure your business runs smoothly. 


Vocational Equipment 

SelecTrucks offers distinctive vocational equipment financing options customized to your business and vehicle needs. We offer a wide range of financing options, designed to meet not only your needs but industry requirements as well. From dump trucks to utility vehicles, SelecTrucks offers competitive payment terms, flexible rates, and qualified financial experts to assist you throughout this process. 


Specials Programs

In addition to our financing plans, here at SelecTrucks we offer a wide variety of financing specials and incentives that you may qualify for! Such specials include:

We look forward to providing you with the best in-house inventory, service, and financing to suit your every business needs. Learn more about how SelecTrucks can help you today!

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