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Used Emergency Vehicles

Explore Our Used Emergency Vehicles For Sale

We have access to a large network of used Emergency Vehicles across the country. Inventory is always changing, so check back frequently to see what's available now.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are your used fire trucks compliant with industry standards and regulations?

All of the fire trucks we offer meet current NFPA standards.

What maintenance and service options do you offer for your fire trucks?

We offer maintenance plans per the recommended factory services stated in the owner’s manual. If there is something specific or the customer wants more in-depth work done, we will provide an estimate.

What type of safety/mechanical inspections do Peach State used emergency vehicles go through?

We will perform an inspection per DOT requirements, or more, if the customer desires it.

What types of fire trucks do you offer?

All of the fire trucks we offer are custom builds. This means that we can design/build the truck to our customers’ specifications and requirements. Whether it is a pumper, tanker, or ladder/platform, we have configurations to meet those needs. We offer pumpers designed and manufactured by Smeal and Spartan, ladder configurations designed and manufactured by Ladder Tower Company and Smeal, and tankers designed by Spartan. We also can provide heavy rescues, mobile command vehicles, SWAT trucks, and bomb/EOD vehicles manufactured by EVI, and mini-pumpers and rescues provided by Ward Apparatus.

How can I request a quote for a used emergency vehicle?

There are several ways to obtain a quote. You can submit a request, call (770) 570-2312 and talk with our general manager, who will assign the appropriate salesperson to provide the quote,  or choose a pre-engineered S-180 pumper from the Spartan website ( and provide us with the model. We can provide preliminary pricing within 48 hours.

Types of Fire Trucks

Towers & Platforms

Distinguished by their large extendable ladders, these engines are used to reach individuals and fires at high heights. Towers feature an aerial ladder mounted on a turntable for maneuvering and ease of use, typically with a hose at the end of the ladder. Platforms include an aerial platform, offering a stable surface for firefighters to work on at the end of the ladder. Both vehicle types are generally equipped with a fire cannon or hose.
tower platform fire engine

Rescue Trucks & Squads

These vehicles are equipped with tools to handle vehicle accidents, confined spaces, and collapsed structures. Tools can include heavy-duty lifting equipment and hydraulic cutters and spreaders. In addition, medical supplies and trained personnel are onboard to deliver life-saving care in the case of an emergency.
fire rescue truck

Tankers & Tenders

Used for the transport and supply of water in areas in which hydrants and water sources are not readily available. Tankers are specifically designed to carry large quantities of water, typically ranging from 1,000-4,000 gallons of water. Tenders serve the purpose of carrying both water and additional tools and equipment. This can include hoses, pumps, and various fire-fighting equipment.
tanker fire truck

Aerials, Ladder Trucks, and Quints

Aerials feature an extendable ladder ranging from 75-100ft and are equipped with a platform or bucket at the top. Ladder trucks are similar but lack the hydraulic platform that aerials have. Quints, short for “Quintuple Combinations” can include a water tank, pump, hose, aerial, and ladder device.
aerial and ladder fire truck

ARFF & Airport Crash Trucks

Designed to respond to emergencies and accidents at airports, involving aircraft fires and incidents. These types of trucks are equipped with water and foam cannons, firefighting equipment, and chemical agents to suppress engine fires. In addition, these are stocked with rescue equipment such as hydraulic lifts, cutting equipment, and lifts.
arff rescue truck

Pumpers & Engines

Pumpers are equipped with powerful water pumps capable of drawing water from various sources. In addition, these vehicles also carry a large quantity of hoses, tools, and equipment. Engines are the primary vehicle to deliver equipment and manpower. While they lack pumping capabilities, they can carry a large quantity of individuals, tools, and equipment necessary to deal with any situation.
pumper engine fire truck


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