November 15, 2022

The Basics of Semi-Truck Maintenance

When you become an owner operator running your own truck, you need to actively protect your investment with preventative maintenance and consider used truck OEM warranty protection. One repair can put you out of business. The primary way to keep your semi-truck reliable is with preventative maintenance. Unexpected repairs are costly, inconvenient, and could even impact your ability to make money. The key to keeping your semi-truck on the road longer with less costly emergency repairs is a structured semi-truck maintenance plan. Here are the basics of semi-truck maintenance to get you started:


How do you maintain a semi-truck?

Maintaining a semi-truck starts with a daily, pre-trip, inspection of the engine oil and coolant level. You want to look for evidence of any leaks around the engine and underneath the truck, visually check the tires on the truck and trailer, check all lights for proper operation, and perform a good visual inspection of the overall condition of the truck and trailer.


How often do semi-trucks need maintenance?

On average, the suggested range to receive basic service is every 10,000 – 20,000 miles. This service would consist of engine oil and filter change, fuel filter change, checking the air filter, and topping off the lubricate levels in the other major components. A thorough visual inspection would also be performed at this time. It is required to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for these services to comply with any warranty that may apply to the truck and its systems.


What is preventive maintenance on a semi-truck?

Preventive maintenance (PM) is regular, planned maintenance that is scheduled according to usage or mileage-based requirements. The purpose of PM is to lessen the likelihood of equipment breakdowns.


How much does semi-truck maintenance cost?

On average the annual cost to maintain a semi-truck is $15,000.00. Studies show that this cost increased 3-5% in 2021.


Semi-truck maintenance is essential for making sure your truck is reliable, keeping your truck on the road longer, and avoiding costly repairs. Learn more about Peach State’s Parts Department and Peach State’s Elite Support Truck Service and how we can help keep you on the road with leading commercial & freightliner truck parts.