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The Benefits of Buying OEM Parts For Your Semi-Truck

Whether you're a semi-truck driver or own a fleet of commercial vehicles, there are many benefits to investing in OEM semi-truck parts to keep your truck on the road longer.

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The Benefits of Buying OEM Parts For Your Semi-Truck

Semi-trucks are essential when it comes to the transportation of goods we use day in and day out. On the road, trucks face many hardships while transporting these heavy goods and covering long distances daily. That being said, semi-trucks need to be well-maintained to ensure their reliability; this, in turn, leads to timely deliveries with fewer complications along the way.

The first step to reliability is having quality parts for your semi-truck. Buying truck parts from an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) will ensure just that. Whether you are a semi-truck driver or an owner of a fleet of commercial vehicles, there are many benefits to investing in OEM semi truck parts to keep your truck on the road longer.

What Does OEM Mean for Semi Truck Parts?

An OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, provides parts that come from the original truck manufacturer or their equipment suppliers. These parts are manufactured in the same factory your truck was manufactured in and are designed with the same standards as the current parts your truck uses.

On the other hand, aftermarket parts come from third-party sources, but are designed to serve the same purpose. However, aftermarket parts have more drawbacks than OEM. First, the parts may fail to fit in the truck and potentially damage other parts. Second, they can be of low quality and thus have a short lifespan.

OEM semi truck parts are brand new and long-lasting parts. Take, for instance, a radiator or a propeller shaft for your truck. If you purchase these from an OEM, it will have the exact dimensions and quality material as the one already installed. Secondly, the manufacturer will have tested the equipment and indicated the miles you are expected to cover before replacing it.

What Are the Benefits of Buying OEM Truck Parts?

As mentioned previously, there are several benefits to buying from an OEM. Here’s a deeper dive into the advantages of purchasing parts from an OEM to ensure your truck stays on the road longer with fewer complications.  

Superior Quality

Semi truck parts from an OEM are made with the same technical specifications as the ones initially installed in the truck. The main advantage is that the original equipment manufacturer can maintain the quality, unlike the third party manufacturers who may use lower quality materials to minimize production costs.

Aftermarket parts tend to have a shorter lifespan and may not be as reliable, resulting in more money being spent on maintenance of the commercial vehicle.

As a rule of thumb, OEM parts offer the best value for the customer's money. So, choosing to buy semi truck parts from an OEM is choosing quality at all times.


Trucks often come with original parts that cover an incredible number of miles before replacing. Unfortunately, if opting for parts from a third-party, you may be sacrificing the longevity of the parts, leading to higher maintenance costs in the future; this inevitably takes a toll on business operations as a whole.

It's wise to avoid taking shortcuts. The OEM products are made from high-quality and durable materials that serve the same as the original parts. Normally, you will get the products with the relevant paperwork that shows precisely how to install them and the number of miles of the duration it will serve you.

Product Compatibility

Generic products have always caused compatibility issues. They require fixing, modifications and adjustments, which can damage the existing components. Take, for example, installing a propeller shaft that needs a bit of grinding and other adjustments to fit. You may damage the differential axles at the back and on the gearbox; it can affect the teeth.

Luckily, OEM products are designed with the same dimensions and materials used in the original truck parts. As a result, they will never have issues other than just fixing and testing your truck. Suppose they have some issues; you can call the manufacturer and have them replaced.

Highly Reliable 

Many third-party sellers will argue that their products are reliable. But mostly, they don't meet the manufacturer's requirements because they need to find the exact material and the dimensions required, which can hike up the costs. This leads to quick estimations and altered thickness.
On the other hand, original parts are designed with high-quality materials and technology that promote slow wear and long-term reliability. This saves many business owners from the stress of late deliveries, drivers spending nights on the roadsides, slow business operations, and vehicle towing costs at all times. Most generic parts have faults in certain areas, affecting the whole system.

Enhanced Performance

Semi-trucks go for long distances and carry heavy loads. So, they need to be very reliable and have good performance. The truck manufacturer understands the engine power and other features that make the truck efficient. As such, they design their OEM products with vehicle performance and efficiency in mind.

For instance, high-quality engine parts will not expand or contract highly in the event of engine heat or winter coldness. This saves the other engine parts from wear due to friction. So, OEM products are made to save the vehicle from stalling, avoid additional maintenance costs, and enhance good performance and fuel efficiency.

Long-Term Cost 

Generic truck parts lead to additional costs of replacement once they fail. For example, a spare part expected to serve in the vehicle for 30,000 miles completely wears out at 17,000 miles. The truck owner will spend some extra money to replace it, which may make the business operation costs higher than estimated.

With OEM truck parts, the truck owner will have an assurance of the exact duration they will serve in the truck, giving them time to plan and budget for servicing the truck. Investing in OEM parts for your semi-truck will be more than worth it in the long run with fewer costly complications and increased longevity and durability.

OEM Parts Come With Warranty 

Unfortunately, with most generic product sellers, parts are not returnable after sale. However, OEM products have warranties, which vary depending on the manufacturer. You may learn that some products have one-year warranty or a warranty that covers the part up to a specific number of miles.
The good thing is that if you face faults with these products, the manufacturer can replace them quickly and you can be back on the road in no time.

Peach State Truck Centers’ Parts Department Can Help Keep Your Truck On The Road

Peach State Truck Centers has been in the Atlanta area for over 40 years selling heavy-duty semi trucks and OEM semi truck parts, as well as servicing trucks at state of the art body shops.

Peach State Truck Centers partners with customers and manufacturers to provide exceptional services and products. So, in case of collisions, parts wear, or other instances a truck owner may need assistance, we have highly trained technicians that will sort out every issue. Whether you are picking up parts from one of our retail locations or having it delivered through direct ship, we are here to help you find the parts you need to keep your truck or fleet on the road. Learn more about Peach State Truck Centers' parts department and contact a sales representative for guidance.

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