August 16, 2019

DTNA's 'A Day in the Life' Program Visits Norcross

On Tuesday, August 13, a group of Daimler employees from the Extended Warranty Operations team came to Norcross for a site visit and tour. During the visit the group got to see up close how each of the department—service and warranty, new and used truck sales, parts sales and inventory—at the dealership does their job each and every day. The visit was a part of a new Daimler initiative called A Day in the Life that allows corporate employees the chance to see how their partners at the dealership level operate. The goal of the experience is to strengthen the customer experience.

Part of becoming a true customer advocate is experiencing the world from the customers’ perspective and that can’t happen sitting in an office chair. The Day in the Life program provides a variety of opportunities for DTNA employees to get out in the world and witness customer touchpoints first-hand. Conversely, Peach State President Rick Reynolds, along with an executive from Saia LTL Freight will get the Day in the Life Treatment at DTNA corporate headquarters in South Carolina later in the year.

The Day in the Life Program is a part of the newly created Customer Experience (CX) organization within DTNA. Another CX event involving Peach State was used truck sales event in Charlotte that Used Truck Sales Director Gary Conleay attended. In all, the CX team and events are focused on building a stronger relationship between Daimler’s corporate teams and the day-to-day operations of dealerships like Peach State.